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New Milton Rotary

Council comprises: President, President Elect, Immediate Past President, Junior Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary plus up to six nominated members, which are often the Chairmen of the various Committees.

Council’s role is to manage Club affairs.  All proposals, whether in terms of raising or spending significant charitable funds, are passed from the relevant Committee, and are  discussed at Council and then a recommendation is made to the full Club, when a final decision is made.

Before the start of each Rotary year, which runs from 1st July, the Treasurer produces a budget covering the cost of operating the Club.  Based on this budget a monthly subscription per member is established which is payable by standing order.  That subscription, apart from covering fees payable to RI, RIBI and District, covers the general administration costs of the Club and the anticipated cost to members of their weekly meal, attendance at partners’ evenings and the President’s Night.

All costs of operating the Club must be met through members’ subscriptions, whilst all fund raising is credited to the Club’s Trust account and can only be spent on charitable causes.


Club Council